Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My take on the first decade of Millenium fashion.

As the first decade on the millennium begins to come to a close I reflected on the first full decade of fashion I came into as a girl and left as a woman. Here's my take on what us women have been through the last ten years.

2000-2004: Four years where it was indecipherable to tell who was really a stripper by night and was a nanny after school. The g-string hanging out, low rise pants, muffin top, mid-drift tops on 15 year olds, and cleavage took on a whole new level.

2005-2006: My first two years of college where every girl thought rolling out of bed putting on those hideous jersey gaucho pants and platform flip flops was good enough to qualify as a day and night outfit. It's a small part of why I left for the European streets of skinny jeans and boots, ok well not really but good enough in retrospect.

2007-2008: Where designers decided to make every not pregnant woman look pregnant. Coincidence that there was a small baby boom during this period? Not sure, but let's all make a pact not to buy any more maternity clothes until we're actually in our second trimester. Ok thnks.

2008-2009: The years where everything 80's and early 90's came back with a vengeance, and designers decided to play with new shapes. Ugh. Not impressed. Weren't these decades cruel enough on women's shapes the first time? Yes. Let's pass on the majority of these trends, aka liquid leather leggings, and stick to what works for our actual shapes and timeless pieces made with great fabrics, aka cashmere, silk and cotton.

So here's hoping the next ten years of millennium fashion leave the 80's in the 80's, Doc Martins combat boots don't make the comeback I fear they will, and low rise jeans stay very far in the back of women's closets or out of their closets for that matter.

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