Friday, November 18, 2011

Headed to Chicago...more to come on Monday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Suri's Burn Book

Even though I'm trying so hard to wean myself off tacky celebrity gossip I had to share this little gem of a tumblr that has literally spread like wild fire amongst my friends and coworkers.

I discovered Suri's Burn Book in July thanks to my amazing friend Tyler and it has been part of my 3 pm pick me up ever since. Totally beats a second coffee and the laughing I get out of this I count as ab exercise.

So enjoy a little celebrity gossip especially when it comes in the form of "Suri's" perspective.

Winter Partner

I'm sitting at a local coffee shop tonight, since I can't get legit internet at my apartment. Ugh standard. I'm really over my current month to month living situation if you can't tell, but until I leave this state it'll have to do.

Anyways while I was busy working on my never ending search, I started to notice the date crowd trickle in for an after dinner coffee/glass of wine. What I noticed was everyone was first date couples. Case in point: dressed up awkwardly (bc you never know what to wear really) fidgeting about around each other and trying to figure out am I really going to spend the next 6 months shacked up this person while the below occurs outside my house.

Here in MN the hammer that is winter could fall at any minute and that means people are running for their winter partner. No not life partner, winter partner. That person you find in MN to shack up with during cabin fever season (also known to last anywhere from end of November to end of April) because you're bored, lazy and too cold to go the bar and find some ass.

Celebrities do May-December romances. Minnesotans do December-May romances. I've always noticed how cyclical dating is in this state. Now a lot of people in general are coupled up in this state but in winter it hits the peak. So you can imagine my thrill over this last year when I was dumped 2 days after the first snow storm that began one of the longest, coldest and snowiest winters on MN record (and that is saying something).

This year I refuse to partake in this seasonal ritual for a thousand reasons the biggest being there is no way in hell I plan on being here another winter. That is motivation enough not to bother with wasting my energy on finding a Mr. Right Now.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Well my favorite holiday has come and gone and now I'm left with great memories and a boat load of candy. This year I was super spoiled with 3 days of events and so just one costume vision would not do!

Thursday we had an industry party where I debuted my Rosie the Riveter costume! Thanks Mom for getting the coveralls at Fleet Farm, definitely completed the look. It was a great event and people came out in such creative costumes!

Friday my friend Hannah threw a great house party, one of those parties where you have no idea how you fit 60 people into a duplex and everyone compliments on each other's costumes.

I made quite the fashionably late entrance to the party since I had quite the crafting emergency, which required me to hand stitch my flapper head band and 4 hours to set the pin curls which paid off with my faux bob. Find the tutorial here.

My make up was quite the undertaking as well, clearly in the 1920s they hadn't learned the if you do a heavy lip, do a lighter eye rule so it was full on vamp make up. Click here for the full tutorial.

I had so much fun with the flapper and felt like I stepped right out of Boardwalk Empire. 

Saturday was a great night out in Uptown with the Statue of Liberty and Mortal Kombat. Rosie won over Zombie Amy Winehouse since I didn't think my skin would react the best to the zombie make up.

Another successful Halloween and I'm already plotting ideas for next year! How did you spend your Halloween?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween: My Favorite Holiday!

For some its Christmas for me its Halloween all the way. Fall is my fav season, there is nothing better than mom's apple crisp, my hair and all my clothes go with the fall colors, I get to indulge in my boot collection, pumpkin carving is an art form, scary movies are awesome and an excuse to dress up and put together a whole fashion vision and play a character for a night, hello in heaven.

This year I'm lucky/spoiled enough to have 3 events so I decided to go all out and do 3 costumes, yes you read that right. I'm the kind of girl who's mom always made her costumes (thanks Mom for sewing 12 costumes over the years) so I'm not exactly the type to go and buy a costume from a store, I'm all about scouring for perfect items, reusing things in new ways and creating a whole look from scratch.

Stay tuned next week for my costume recap but I'll give you a hint of the general theme: retro American icons!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target: Part 2

The wait was finally over today and it was worth the wait!! Getting to work early this morning to get on the site I got word from my inside source that the site had crashed and things downtown were selling out fast. I beelined it for Rosedale and arrived 10 minutes before it opened, second in line and ready to go.

In true MN nice style everyone politely lined up, chatted excitedly about the collection and then grabbed carts and made our hauls. Everyone looked out for each other, trading each other for things and waiting in line patiently.

I know this wasn't the case at other stores today or other people's experiences online, but here's my secret peeps. I was prepared. I knew it was going to be like black Friday and had a back up plan. So to all complaining on the Target Style page stop whining or acting entitled like everyone deserves the flats. Its a limited edition collection and therefore there is limited quantity.

In insider scoop home decor will be restocked in almost all stores, while apparel is gone (but expect a resurgence of clothing this weekend when everyone who went crazy this morning returns extra sizes).

My favorite pieces include the infinity scarf, blanket, flats, shift chevron print dress, beanie hat and laptop case. My apartment officially looks like the Missoni for Target ad...

I DIE! Missoni for Target: part 1

Guess who's a happy and well styled little camper....more to come after work including my thoughts and inside scoop on fashion week, the site crash and walking out with half the collection.