Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is the branding of one's own agency a link to its success?

This topic has been on my mind for a while now. In advertising our job is to brand our client's company/product. To give it personality, character, to create a singular voice that represents the company.

As the saying goes, we should practice what we preach. An agency should have one singular voice, brand standards, and a personality that represents its culture and principles. When an agency does this for itself and exemplifies it in everything internally and externally that it does, it creates a case to present in new business. Literally showing we not only achieve this branding for our clients we do it for ourselves. 

So is the successful and consistent branding of one's agency a link to its success in winning new business? One has to wonder. From my experience I believe so. I think for people to believe in what you can do for them, you have to be able to do it for yourself. Agencies take note.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Emma is the #1 baby name in the U.S.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Emma is now the #1 baby name in America! Taking out Emily, after it ruled for 12 years. 

Now let's get a few things straight. I've never been a fan of Emily, bc A) ehh name B) Emma is not short for Emily! Most annoying question ever.

So kudos to my moniker for finally taking the bitch out. When I was named Emma only a short 22 yrs ago, the only other Emmas were already on their social security and drinking their prune juice. It was unique for newborns to say the least. Congrats to my mom for being such a trendsetter!

For all the future and newborn Emmas out there here's some advice: Your name means 'universal' so take it seriously. Explore the world, keep an open mind, be tolerant of others, and always be a sponge by learning everything you can soak in. 


Starting your first career is like starting kindergarten.

I've been a big kid now for a whole 3 wks! One thing I noticed within the first week is that starting at a new company in your first job in an industry you've watched from the sidelines for a few years is like starting kindergarten.

Let me try on dozens of outfits until you finally have that perfect outfit, that is unique yet allows you to fit in.

Then you leave your house with your packed lunch five minutes early to the bus stop, because as your mother told you many years ago "You don't want to be late on your first day!" Sound familiar?

Your first day you wait in the office, for someone to show you the way and then lead you to your desk where you meet everyone from A to Z, just trying to get the key names down and then hoping you catch others in meetings. All the while on the tour you're just hoping to remember where the nearest bathroom and printer is, let alone where the studio is.

Then come lunches in the common lunch area, and company functions like happy hour, birthday/anniversary celebrations, bbq's which can all be classified as recess. Just like in kindergarten, at a new job you rely heavily on the 'buddy system.' In KD its usually a 3rd grader that makes sure you don't get lost, and make sure you're on the right bus. In the real world its usually your desk mate, who you see the most, and thus far know the most. For lunches and happy hours you rely heavily on this buddy system as the new kid. Even at 22 you don't want to be the kid in the corner shyly watching from afar.

I remember going to my kindergarten orientation, and being so excited by school and all of the discovery and promise it held. My first day I asked for homework. Needless to say I come from a long line of overachievers.

I remember going to visit my first agency, and being so excited by the environment and all of the discovery and promise it held for me. My first day at my new job I asked "Where can I start helping."

With any transition in life there are growing pains, but there also comes a hunger to learn something new, and to achieve goals. So far the hunger to learn and achieve goals is by far outweighing the small growing pains. 

And....I'm back!!

After many demanding emails, and constant questions at celebratory happy hours I'm back by popular demand. I greatly appreciate the want for my writing and point of view. From here on out I'll be trying to post every 1-2 days, but like I've always said I'd rather contribute to this forum when I've got something that's really inspired or intrigued me. Keep reading and leave lots of comments!