Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some tips for the boys...

I don't normally discuss my dating life on here but after a few months back on the scene there are a few things I've noticed about the opposite sex's behavior that needs to be addressed. So to the boys of my generation listen up:

1. You text to confirm a lunch with friend not to ask a girl out on a date
-Hiding behind a screen is not a winning quality. If the girl gave you her number have enough faith in that gesture to pick up the phone and call her to set up a legitimate date. It will beyond earn you points from the start.

2. If you have to cancel or reschedule don't wait until the day of
-Now I'm not saying all boys do this, I even know girls who've done this, but either way its a No No. That person, girl or guy, made time for you in their schedule and you should be respectful of that.

3. Do not fall off the face of the earth after a few great dates
-I know it was tough for you to pick up the phone in the first place when you had something great to tell us, and after a few great dates us the girl thinks everything is ok, but maybe you had a change of heart. Maybe you decided to move across the country, focus on your job, found another more interesting girl, blah blah blah. Whatever it is, or whatever code you want to use, be an adult and pick up that phone and tell it to that nice girl you wined and dined. Your future dating karma and her baggage will thank you down the road.

All is not fair in love and war, but that gives no excuse to throw out all social decency and manners that we know your mother raised you on. Treat the girl you're starting to date with class, kindness and fairness and I guarantee your rate of "attracting the crazies" will decrease dramatically. We only bring that out when you've given us reason to be.

P.S I've confirmed all of this with my amazing lady friends and they're in total agreement


  1. Emma, this is so brilliant. I'm linking to your from my blog. I love what you said: simple, true and concise! I love you and I think the world of you :)