Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter Partner

I'm sitting at a local coffee shop tonight, since I can't get legit internet at my apartment. Ugh standard. I'm really over my current month to month living situation if you can't tell, but until I leave this state it'll have to do.

Anyways while I was busy working on my never ending search, I started to notice the date crowd trickle in for an after dinner coffee/glass of wine. What I noticed was everyone was first date couples. Case in point: dressed up awkwardly (bc you never know what to wear really) fidgeting about around each other and trying to figure out am I really going to spend the next 6 months shacked up this person while the below occurs outside my house.

Here in MN the hammer that is winter could fall at any minute and that means people are running for their winter partner. No not life partner, winter partner. That person you find in MN to shack up with during cabin fever season (also known to last anywhere from end of November to end of April) because you're bored, lazy and too cold to go the bar and find some ass.

Celebrities do May-December romances. Minnesotans do December-May romances. I've always noticed how cyclical dating is in this state. Now a lot of people in general are coupled up in this state but in winter it hits the peak. So you can imagine my thrill over this last year when I was dumped 2 days after the first snow storm that began one of the longest, coldest and snowiest winters on MN record (and that is saying something).

This year I refuse to partake in this seasonal ritual for a thousand reasons the biggest being there is no way in hell I plan on being here another winter. That is motivation enough not to bother with wasting my energy on finding a Mr. Right Now.


  1. Yes. LOL. Folks love to lock it in before the blizzards come. It's so carnal that it just cracks me up. The hipsters are particular to this phenom. I'm avoiding Lyndale for a few weeks.

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