Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target: Part 2

The wait was finally over today and it was worth the wait!! Getting to work early this morning to get on the site I got word from my inside source that the site had crashed and things downtown were selling out fast. I beelined it for Rosedale and arrived 10 minutes before it opened, second in line and ready to go.

In true MN nice style everyone politely lined up, chatted excitedly about the collection and then grabbed carts and made our hauls. Everyone looked out for each other, trading each other for things and waiting in line patiently.

I know this wasn't the case at other stores today or other people's experiences online, but here's my secret peeps. I was prepared. I knew it was going to be like black Friday and had a back up plan. So to all complaining on the Target Style page stop whining or acting entitled like everyone deserves the flats. Its a limited edition collection and therefore there is limited quantity.

In insider scoop home decor will be restocked in almost all stores, while apparel is gone (but expect a resurgence of clothing this weekend when everyone who went crazy this morning returns extra sizes).

My favorite pieces include the infinity scarf, blanket, flats, shift chevron print dress, beanie hat and laptop case. My apartment officially looks like the Missoni for Target ad...

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