Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween: My Favorite Holiday!

For some its Christmas for me its Halloween all the way. Fall is my fav season, there is nothing better than mom's apple crisp, my hair and all my clothes go with the fall colors, I get to indulge in my boot collection, pumpkin carving is an art form, scary movies are awesome and an excuse to dress up and put together a whole fashion vision and play a character for a night, hello in heaven.

This year I'm lucky/spoiled enough to have 3 events so I decided to go all out and do 3 costumes, yes you read that right. I'm the kind of girl who's mom always made her costumes (thanks Mom for sewing 12 costumes over the years) so I'm not exactly the type to go and buy a costume from a store, I'm all about scouring for perfect items, reusing things in new ways and creating a whole look from scratch.

Stay tuned next week for my costume recap but I'll give you a hint of the general theme: retro American icons!


  1. I love this entry! Your hair is very "fall like" love it :)

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