Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its Opening Day!

Basically everyone who is a great American should be excited that its opening day! I'm not a die hard MLB fan, but I love baseball bc it represents summer and everything great about it! 

Patio bars before and after the game, a beautiful open air ballpark (which Minnesotans will get next spring!), hot dogs (aka domedogs), beer in huge cups, and generally affordable tickets for professional sports. 

I of course will be waiting until Wednesday's game (aka college night). I'm sorry you can't beat $4 tickets and a $1 dome dog. Oh and get excited Minnesotans...the frame of the scoreboard for the new Twins stadium is up. You can see a great view from 5th st & 1st ave. I'm so excited for that new stadium, not only is it going to be amazing, its going to introduce residents to a great neighborhood the North Loop. Its one of the oldest neighborhoods in downtown some streets still have cobblestone for pavement, and turn of the century warehouses that are now home to some great restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses (i.e. Space150).

Ok back to baseball. In honor of opening day here are two of my favorite clips from two of my favorite baseball movies. Enjoy!

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