Friday, April 3, 2009

The Daily Show's coverage of the G-20 Summit: EPIC!

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The Poisonous Queen
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This past week the G20 Summit took place in London. Besides dealing with a global financial crisis, it was also a platform for the Obamas to shine on the global stage. Unfortunately our national media turned it into a play by play of Michelle's fashion and their etiquette with meeting the Queen.

Giving Jon Stewart plenty of ammunition for the Daily Show. Besides the Inaguration and Election, one of the best weeks of the show's year. From the montage of Michelle's fashion analysis to the name Clusterf@#k to the Poor House: Global Edition to Jon Oliver's take on why the Queen can't be touched, hilarious. I was laughing up until the point Jon brought on an author of a Uranium book. 

Kudos Daily Show for finding the humor in an otherwise gloomy conference. So much better than the Doomsday network's coverage (aka CNN).

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