Monday, May 11, 2009

Emma is the #1 baby name in the U.S.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Emma is now the #1 baby name in America! Taking out Emily, after it ruled for 12 years. 

Now let's get a few things straight. I've never been a fan of Emily, bc A) ehh name B) Emma is not short for Emily! Most annoying question ever.

So kudos to my moniker for finally taking the bitch out. When I was named Emma only a short 22 yrs ago, the only other Emmas were already on their social security and drinking their prune juice. It was unique for newborns to say the least. Congrats to my mom for being such a trendsetter!

For all the future and newborn Emmas out there here's some advice: Your name means 'universal' so take it seriously. Explore the world, keep an open mind, be tolerant of others, and always be a sponge by learning everything you can soak in. 


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