Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Copenhagen Cyclery: New Obsession in My Life!

There are many things I miss about my daily life in Amsterdam, one of the biggest are the bicycles.  (As you can tell by my header)

Dutch bikes are unlike any other bicycle in the world. Built with stainless steel, the craftsman ship that goes into these bicycles is unbelievable. They're built with the idea that this is like some one's car, an everyday vehicle.

Yes I'm lucky enough to live in the #1 bike city in the country, but its different to be a hipster swerving through lanes of traffic on a 10 speed than on a beautiful Dutch bike cruising through the bike lanes over canals. Its called elegance.

When I found Copenhagen Cyclery on apartmenttherapy.com this weekend I was reminded I gushed over this adorable bike shop while I was in Chicago this summer. Its as cute in person as its site!

To find an entire shop dedicated to these beautiful bikes was like when I first found my Looza pear juice in Lund's. Priceless

Now who wants to shell out the $750 to buy the Batavus Old Dutch Step Through for me?

Where else in the world have you built a life for a while and what was your favorite reminder moment of that life?

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