Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter Travel Tax Break

On Grounhog's Day I officially cracked, another MN winter had finally gotten the best of me and no mood lamp, fake tanning bed, or pina colada (no matter how much rum) was going to cure this.

It was time to take drastic measures and book a very unplanned and unsaved for trip somewhere south. Luckily I have fabulous friends and family who've made the smart choice to live south so I have a built in resort for moments like this.

Options for my runaway included: Savannah, LA, San Diego and Miami. Savannah presented itself as the most affordable flight, as I've wained back and forth the last few weeks deciding whether to pull the trigger or blow all my airline miles I've decided Minnesotans need a Winter travel tax break.

The ultimate reward for surviving yet another winter in one of the coldest places on earth.

Think about it the majority of us plan a winter break or spring break to somewhere warm just to survive these horrific 6 mos. Its the only way to make sure you don't turn Angelina Jolie, Girl Interrupted style.

Now my mother, the CPA, brought me back down to earth when she reminded me that the state would need to profit off of this so the tourism would have to stay in state.

A few days later I determined the loop hole, Winter travel tax breaks would only be rewarded to airlines based in MN.

So Sun Country, Delta (I guess we'll count you with the merger) please start petioning to make this happen...I need to feel temps above 50 and I miss some fabulous friends.

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