Monday, March 30, 2009

Are candy companies the only recession proof industry?

I've noticed in the last two months (also the worst 2 mos for the labor sector) that Skittles, Snickers, and Cadbury have all released new campaigns, websites, or T.V. spots. Leading me to wonder: Are candy companies the only recession proof industry?

Skittles made headlines in the ad industry for their new website, blogged about here in early March. Snickers has a new print/outdoor campaign with a clever play on their logo/packaging structure (above top), and Cadbury released their new Eyebrows spot from Fallon London (above bottom). 

So is it all to garner publicity or actually generate sales? In my opinion Snickers is the only campaign of the three that probably has a chance of increasing sales. The campaign is running in points of hunger (when someone is out driving/walking/taking a bus/aka on the go) in need of a quick snack fix like snickers. The other two in my opinion were solely to generate publicity for both the client and agency of record. 

If you have an opinion on the campaigns discuss below...

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