Thursday, July 21, 2011


Heading back into the dating scene a few months ago I noticed guys in this state do not really approach women. I thought maybe it was me giving off a not into it vibe, but as I discussed this with both genders I learned it's not just me.

If a connection is made between two people in this city it's typically after they meet through friends and even then it's not guaranteed to get off the ground.

When I pushed my guy friends or guys I was seeing on why they don't go up to a girl they think is pretty and say hi, blah blah witty funny banter ensue. They answered point blank: "You all act like we're creepers if we smile and say hi to you."

And then I realized, in this aspect of dating, us the ladies were the issue. Mind blown.

Now I'm not saying this theory is scientifically proven and I've met and dated men after they've approached me, but I've also been stand offish and rude to a plenty majority and I've seen plenty of other women do this too.

A guy I was seeing a while ago, after he'd approached me, shed insightful light on this subject, "It's not just hard to approach women in this state you're given the brush off if you friendly approach anyone in this state." So true.

So the lesson in all of this, whether its dating approaching or trying to make friends in this city we could all be a little nicer to each other and not be so damn cliquey. Minnesota Nice should extend beyond just giving people directions.

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