Thursday, July 21, 2011

Insights from the Opposite Sex

Eavesdropping. I'm so passionate about it I made it part of my career (consumer insights and anthropology).

Its one of my favorite things especially when it involves overhearing dating issues from the perspective of the opposite sex. Its what I would imagine being a spy during the cold war was like, but obviously less dangerous, so really nothing like that.

At the beach a few weekends ago with beach towels lined corner to corner it was inevitable to hear the guys next to us. What surprised me so much was their convo about one of the guys hooking up with this new girl who his friend was encouraging him to date. The guy sheepishly explained how she had just gotten out of an intense relationship and didn't think she wanted anything serious with him.

Ears immediately perk up.

Friend, "Well dude she's awesome and you should just ask her on a date and see how it goes. I'm sure she likes you."

Dude, "Yeah I'll think about it."

Emma thought bubble: "Dude stop screwing around and make an honest woman out of her and ask her on a date."

Then it hit me, the guys sounded just like my girlfriends and I. Nervous, unsure about everything, insecure with where they stood with this new person and terrified that however they played their next move they were going to screw it up.

Insight: Dating isn't easy for either gender the best we can all do is try and be honest with each other and hope for the best.*

*Obligatory Carrie Bradshaw wrap up line

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