Friday, January 23, 2009

Anne Taintor

One of the best Christmas presents I received this year besides my amazing pink Dyson, and no don't think I'm domestic I just like a clean house, is my Anne Taintor planner. I'm a girl who lives by my planner (I'm a visual person who has to write important things down or I forget) and I'm always excited to see which theme my mom picks out. This year she hit a homerun. My family, a very cynical, sarcastic Irish-German Catholic group, laughed for a good hour flipping through the pages. My two personal favorites: Why yes I am overqualified, and Remember sweetheart...mommy loves you, but she doesn't have to like you. The former sums up how I feel about being a college graduate who is now a professional job hunter. I think I'll just start sending it out as my new cover letter. To the point, creative, and witty. Isn't that what it takes to be in the ad industry? The latter made my mom and I laugh hysterically, because women you all know you have those days with your mother or daughter.

Anne Taintor's hilarious spin on 40's and 50's Americana female imagery is just what I need each day to make me laugh. You can find Anne Taintor's work at many gift stores and her website
On my wish list: "You be Thelma. I'll be Louise." Passport holder. "Why yes I am overqualified" business card case.

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  1. Viva Anne! Her stuff is great. Now I know good gift ideas for you... if I ONLY had $ : (