Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My fav contestant on Top Chef 5...Carla of course!

After watching one of my favorite shows on television, Top Chef, tonight I decided my fav contestant aka most entertaining is Carla. She makes great T.V. hands down. Those facial expressions, her interview commentary. Pressure... She's eclectic, a little crazy, seems like she puts a lot of love into her food, and always says exactly what I'm thinking about the situation or the other contestants. Plus her winning two tickets to the Super Bowl...AWESOME!! That was priceless T.V. You couldn't write that reaction.

I'm still mad that the little twit Leah is on and Arianne was given the boot a few weeks ago. Mark my words in a few months she'll have her own food segment on a morning show if not her own cooking show. She's relatable, attractive, comfortable in front of the camera, down to earth, a mom, and cooks classic food. The main ingredients that make a great cooking show host. I'm thinking a Today's show segment, since she won that challenge or a Food Network weekend program.

That's all for now, sorry its been slow lately, its the middle of winter here in the frozen tundra and there has been little inspiration. Stay posted after this weekend I have a feeling I'll be back in the swing of things.

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