Friday, January 9, 2009


My personal favorite bromance, because original is always the best.

Urban Dictionary defines Bromance several different ways.  Below is my favorite, and probably best describes the bromances I've witnessed.

The intense love shared between heterosexual males. A form of male bonding and 
usuallly invisible to the naked eye. This bond is normally only shared between two 
males that have a deeper understanding of each other, in a way no woman could ever 

"My boyfriend is off for some bromance with his best mate tonight..."

My introduction into the bro world began as a sorority girl.  Witnessing Frat Boys calling each other bro, watching the YouTube Bro Rape video, and watching these boys heavily influence one another's decision making process often at the expense of close girlfriends always puzzled me.  Watching boys bro it out was always fascinating to a girl who had never considered herself co-dependent on any particular person. Now I've seen this bromance epidemic spread to almost every male in my life.  They "bro" it up several times a week and some with several different bros.  Many seem more excited to bro it up than hang out with their steady girlfriend.  Some bromances even sound similar to a heterosexual relationship. "Yo tonight I told David I would revolve the whole night around him." Excuse me?! What occurs at these bromances is still of curiosity to myself and my close girlfriends.  When did the men, sorry bros, of my generation become co-dependent on each other?  When did they become so expressive of their mutual boy crushes on each other?  Why are they more in tune with their bro feelings than their feelings for women?  Is this a defense mechanism from transitioning into the next phase of adulthood or a true brotherly bond between two males or several males? Is there a female equivalent or can that kind of comradery not exist between a group of females?   

Feel free to post your thoughts...

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