Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is Disney the Prostitot factory?

What is with every young female Disney star walking around town looking like a child prostitute? It started back in the day with Lindsey and Hilary, during the years where every young teenage girl bared her pubescent tummy with little thought to the inappropriateness of it all. Now the prostitot role has been taken over by the Disney poster child: Miley Cyrus. I have my own grievances about the daughter of mullet loving Billy Ray, but that's a whole other post in itself.

I mean seriously where is her mother? Oh that's right her mother wears more inappropriate things than this. Case in point: that gawdy silver cocktail dress she wore at the Golden Globes last week. She could have moonlighted as Chris Angel's assistant at a magic show it was so vulgar.

Back to Miley. It seems that Disney continuously churns out the prostitots from Lindsey to Hilary to Vanessa Hudgens (nude pics scandal) to Miley. This wholesome family company forces young girls to grow up faster than ever, then act as role models to tween girls. I don't consider the picture above to be a role model. If I ever do have a daughter you can bet she won't be watching her generation's Hannah Montana.

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  1. This is funny. You should see vintage Brooke Shields in "Pretty Baby." Now that's some REAL child prostitute (circa 1800s New Orleans, but still!)