Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's all about fit

Tim Gunn has always proclaimed how important fit is whether its to a project runway contestant or a New Jersey housewife. I couldn't agree more. My mother always proclaimed this important rule to me, and today I pass it along to you, young jedi.

With many of my friends in their last semester and preparing to enter the real world for the first time they're embarking on networking at industry events and interviews trying to make a great first impression. In the advertising industry how you present yourself and look is everything. That's not to say you have to have the latest and trendiest outfit although touches here and there help keep you look modern. Plus head to toe trends just makes you look like you're trying too hard. Number one rule in fashion: fit. If your clothes don't fit right you're going to look like a sloppy hot mess.

Here's a couple of key rules to ensure proper fit:
1. Remember you can always take things to the tailor, and probably should. This rule does not just apply to men and suits. Women take your jeans to the tailor. There is nothing worse than jeans dragging on the ground collecting street slush and looking filthy.

2. A dark wash pair of jeans goes a long way. Make sure they're properly fitted in the hem, and ladies make sure they sit high enough on your wait and tush to ensure there's no muffin top or plumber's crack.

3. This one is for the women. When buying a button down blouse make sure the button between your breasts doesn't pop. Its tacky, it instantly brings up references of a slutty secretary, and brings everyone's eye level down there instead of your mouth listening to what you have to say. I've seen many women break this rule, and its not pretty. Express sells a good women's fitted blouse. Look for one with darting under the chest and the gaps in between the buttons aren't too big. Wear a tank top underneath to ensure no bra or skin exposure.

Good luck out there kids...its brutal.

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