Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes she's our new First Lady, but she's also a Fashionista.

Today was her red carpet. Many have anticipated and analyzed, myself included, what Michelle Obama would wear on such a historic day. Above is the Isabel Toledo dress and jacket she wore to the Inauguration along with Jimmy Choo heels and J.Crew gloves. I'm still mixed on this outfit. Its not what I expected, which can be good and bad. It's definitely a risk and a different color palette than what I would have liked to seen her in. The outfit has grown on me slightly in the last several hours, but my initial reaction was NO. I think their could have been better choices. In fact I've seen better sketches by top designers in US Weekly. She's worn such beautiful pieces during such big moments in the past: the beautiful purple v-neck dress as Barack sealed the nomination here in St. Paul, the entire Democratic convention, to the beautiful Narciso Rodriguez red and black dress on election night. Today on the biggest moment so far I must admit in my eyes she dissapointed. Malia and Sasha both looked so adorable that's all I need to say.

The Inaugural gown I'm not going to hate on. Choosing young designer Jason Wu, 26, who is Taiwanese and works out of New York is a perfect fit for the moment. His Spring 2009 collection can be found here: http://www.jasonwustudio.com/ The gown is etheral, dreamy, shows off her fabulous upper body, and cream/white always looks beautiful on African American women's skin. The gown is youthful and represents a new vision sweeping into Washington. Like it or not fashion is that powerful. First impressions are everything and today our First Lady made a unique and lasting fashion impression.

The outfit on the top is my favorite outfit from the last weekend of festivities. A beautiful black and camel Narciso Rodriguez ensemble that she wore for the Lincoln Memorial concert on Sunday. It's classic, regal, and beautiful. It's what I've come to expect of Michelle as the style icon she has grown into. Ladies here's some advice: Stick with Narciso! You can't go wrong, the man knows how to dress a woman and be stylish.

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