Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obsessed Mothers

I'm currently watching my morning fix of CNN, eating my cereal and drinking my orange juice, when the octuplet story update came on the for the day (eye roll ensues). In case you've been living under a rock here's a quick synopsis: California 33 year old woman, who already has 6 children ranging from age 7 to 2, had 8 embryos implanted in her last year resulting in the birth of 8 children last week. I already determined this woman was crazy and should be charged with child endangerment, along with her unethical doctor who implanted the embryos. This morning I received my proof. The woman now wants to become a child expert on her own television show! I'm so irate I can barely type fast enough.

Since when did children become adults' meal ticket or an accessory?!! The woman has already hired a publicist who remarked "She is the most sought after mother in the world right now." Is she sought after for her expert opinion? I think not. Most people, myself included, probably want to shake her and scream "Snap out of it!"

Her mother, who now lives with her daughter and 14 children and filed for bankruptcy last year (great now my tax dollars pay for these loonies), said her "daughter is not evil, but obsessed with children. She clearly outdid herself. I wish she had become a kindergarten teacher." Where was the mother's voice of reason when this woman had the 8 embryos implanted? Probably ignored by her selfish, immature daughter like a teenager who ignores her mother's sage advice.

Unfortunately the crazy mother story doesn't end with this California loony. Now we hop to the other coast, where on Sunday Page Six introduced us to crazy Upper East Sider's who have twins and multiples for attention! The author has since come out and said the article was misconstrued by Post editors, but considering it's the Upper East Side I wouldn't be surprised by the authenticity of this story.

In conclusion, obsessed mothers need to realize that a cute tot is not the equivalent to a cooking talent or a Chanel handbag. When those maternal instincts do kick in, make sure they're because you want to provide a child with a loving home, not because your friend Nancy just got a show on TLC or Carol just go the latest it handbag.


  1. Not to mention she's killing the environment:


  2. I am LMVO about those upper east siders. They're a breed all their own!!!