Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amazing Top Chef!! 1 episode left!

So I just finished watching my favorite show: Top Chef. It was the semi-finals tonight in New Orleans, and it was high drama. My girl Carla came out on top again!! Are you surprised? Puhlz she cooks with soul and she has a southern background, she had this in the bag.

SPOILER ALERT!! I'm bummed Fabio went home. Uggh!! Now I only have Carla to entertain me during the finale, and I have to put up with the two bald guys fighting over some ridiculous ingredient next week. I'm so sick of those two! My girl better be Top Chef next week!

Moving on...I loved that the finale is in New Orleans. Its such a fabulous food culture city!! My kudos goes out to the New Orleans tourism board. So smart to partner with Top Chef to promote the city and Mardi Gras. I was totally wooed into wanting to visit the city even more after tonight. The episode was a great way to showcase all of the history and culture of the city, and in a way repositioning to a bit of a classier group. In the past we've all known Mardi Gras as a southern city with a flashing problem around Lent. With this promotion through Top Chef, New Orleans could reposition itself as a gourmet food city with grand American history (which it already is) to a more urban gourmet foodie group looking for a great weekend getaway. Especially to the northern set, who want a warm getaway this time of year. I'll second that. To me the real winner tonight was the city of New Orleans. Promotion well done!!

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