Saturday, February 14, 2009

This is what V-day means to me...

Today is the ridiculous Hallmark manufactured holiday of predetermined romance that we all know as Valentine's Day. I do not observe this petty situation. In agreeing with my good friend Austin, romance should not be predetermined. Takes out all of the spontaneity and passion.

For about 5 years now February 14th has come to represent V-day for me. Not of the cupid kind. V-day an incredible organization founded by Eve Ensler aims to stop violence against women globally. The humanitarian non-profit first gained momentum after Eve's now infamous Vagina Monologues performances. In the past 10 years college campuses and community centers have staged their own performances of the Vagina Monologues. Famous performers include Salma Hayek, Jane Fonda, and Charlize Theron.

This year the organization has chosen to shine its spotlight on the battered and bruised women of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Become more informed @

Don't buy me a dozen roses, don't send me a card, don't buy me a teddy bear. This year give the gift of becoming educated about an issue that has always meant a great deal to me. To show that you really love and care about me, join with me in taking a stand.


  1. happy democratic republic of congo day...

  2. woops that last comment was me

  3. Can someone explain to me what the two previous comments are about?

  4. I have no idea. But, I was excited to learn about Steak and BJ day from you. I am becoming fairly nerdy and obsessive about the blogging....thanks a lot. Let me know if you ever want to guest write on my blog and I'll do the same for you...may increase traffic to us. Hope you are having a great day pretty lady! Amsterdam!