Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vicky Christina Barcelona

I had a lazy Saturday and watched Vicky Christina Barcelona, Woody Allen's latest film. Always in the mood for a film about travel, food, wine, and love I was particularly excited for this film. From the opening scene to the closing narration I was captivated and reminded of why traveling is so amazing. Shot in beautiful Barcelona, a city still on my list, two Americans Vicky and Christina are quickly swept up in the Catalan culture of food, wine, art, and guitar. Penelope Cruz and Javiar Bardem pay beautiful homage to their homeland as passion fueled exes. (My vote for best supporting actress is now Penelope) Shot in a quirky yet seamless way that only Allen can capture on film its full of humor, passion, and raw emotion of leading a life and talent unfullfilled.

The film's narrative of can travel sweep you away from the life you've always planned is one I full identify with. After living abroad I threw out my traditional American 5 year plan and began living for each crazy moment, experience and day. In the last month it has been hard to embrace Carpe Diem, but after a lovely film reminded me of what I was missing and throwing away each day I intend to fully 'Seize the Day.'

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