Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday=Top Chef Day!!

First off let's just get right to the point and discuss how freakin' excited I am that Leah finally got the boot!!! YES. Hallelujah. Lord its about damn time! If she had made it to the final four I would have been irate and would have immediately headed to the bar. Thankfully for my pocket book I can stay in.

Carla, aka my fav, made it to the final four as the only female and basically has been labeled the underdog. I think she has a real shot actually. She's classically trained, is consistent in garnering great reviews from the guest chefs, and cooks simple beautiful food. I frankly don't believe in overdoing food. You should love it, let the ingredients come together, and don't try to make it into something it can't be. I love that she puts love into her food and lets the flavors of the ingredients shine through as opposed to making it into a foam. Ugh Marcel and those stupid foams.

Stefan f*ed up tonight by overcooking a salmon. Really?!! You're Finnish and you overcooked salmon. Come on. I'm Midwestern, as in no bodies of fresh water anywhere near me, and even I don't overcook salmon. I agree with Fabio. He needs to get his ass kicked in New Orleans. P.S. How psyched are we all that the finale is in New Orleans? Yes, a city definitely on my list, and have always had a liking towards. I think I love any city that incorporates food as such a critical component of its culture.

Let's move onto Fabio. How could you not love Fabio tonight? He talked about his grandma for the umpteenth time, but it adds to the Italian charm. He won the challenge with one hand!! That's top chef material if I've ever seen it. He created a classic dish, that as Tom Colicchio noted, "If he opened a restaurant this would be the dish he'd be known for." Perfect compliment.

All in all a fab show and I'm super stoked for the finale, which they'll break up into two parts so they can air the last episode the day after Fat Tuesday. Ahh the beauty of television scheduling! There is always a reason behind everything.

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