Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something I can no longer ignore...

I just read through my Google reader and Gawker and US Weekly have linked the picture of Rihanna taken right after the horrific incident that we all now infamously know. Last week it was something I just didn't want to talk about. There were too many rumors to clarify, and it was something I didn't exactly want to give publicity too. After seeing the picture, which I won't post here for the fact that its horrific, graphic, and overwhelming, I have to say my two cents.

If Chris Brown's career wasn't already over before this picture surfaced, it most certainly is now. Good. I don't need to see a Double Mint commercial with Ike Turner Jr. in it. I imagine Jay-Z, Rihanna's mentor, is through the roof over this. Yep its a definite the kid will never work again.

How sad is it that tomorrow is her 21st bday? An event that should be celebrated in epic proportions is now overshadowed by such a horrific time.

Ok enough Debbie Downer time. The reason I finally did decide to discuss this incident on my blog is because I hope some good does come out of this situation. Many of you know my feelings about violence against women, and that it has long been a cause close to my heart and something I don't take lightly. I hope from this tragic event young women who are in a tumultuous first love relationship find the courage and inspiration to leave. I hope Rihanna leaves him and sets a good example for the young women who are fans and look up to her. That's my peace about this situation.

Peace and Love to all.

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