Friday, February 27, 2009


Thank god its Friday.  I'm chilling out to some Van Morrsion on this sunny but cold day. Yesterday was a full blown snow emergency with 6-10 inches of snow. Most would say oh that's crazy, but nothing ever surprises me in this schizophrenic state.  We can go through four seasons in four days.  It was too snowy and windy to even try and photograph yesterday so that was a really debbie downer. I'm sure many of my local readers don't really want to be reminded of yesterdays anyways.  

Well I'm taking advantage of the snow and heading to Duluth for the weekend to go snowboarding.  Time to get out one more time before the season ends, and I've taken a real liking to Duluth in the last year.  A great getaway spot that's only a few hours drive outside of the city. Above is the scenery I'll be enjoying tomorrow.

Alright kids I'm off to drop off a novel of an internship application and then I'm out. Peace and Love all. 

Photo: Russell Mantione

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