Monday, February 9, 2009


Mondays are pretty dull even in the unemployed, I'm starting my own company world. Thanks to Google reader and my friend Jacey Berg for sharing this hilarious blog from copy writer Matthew Bottkol and art director Todd Eisner. My personal favorite is posted above. Everyone unemployed knows this is true.

Most days I do put on my pants, but there are always those days in the long unemployed week where you just want to go without. Mine usually occurs on hump day. I'm not sure why, maybe because my hump days in college were always my busiest and the last true day of having to do homework for the week. Now they're filled with cold calling, networking via email, and searching linkedin looking for a needle in a haystack that doesn't exist. Hump day is when my pessimist side begins to take over. After two full days of putting on my best first impression face and basically begging random strangers for their time and a potential job, all the while watching the Doomsday network aka CNN discuss how Congress can't get their shit together, Obama's latest pick once again doesn't understand the meaning of the IRS, and such and such fortune 500 company cut a bagillion jobs yet refuses to sell the company jet valued at $45 million. Wednesday is basically when I lose hope in the human race ever getting this economy on track and so I guess not putting my pants on is my way of saying "No world I will not deal with you today."

I'm sure the creative guys at Unemployment Haiku Weekly have seen the fabulous How I Met Your Mother episode when Marshall, who has been on the unemployment track for several months, extends his no pants ratio to innappropriate proportions. I guess that's the one benefit to being unemployed, you get to make the big decision of if you're going to put on pants today and face the real world. Today I put on my pants. Joe's Honey Jeans to be exact.


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    If you haven't already, read this article. It will really put some spring in your step.

    (Read above statement as if it were dripping in sarcasm)