Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another travesty in these lovely economic times...

Ad Age is reporting that the Cannes Ad Festival will be downplayed big time this year. Absolutely appropriate, but still disappointing. The fabulous parties thrown by huge agencies like Leo Burnett and DDB will be no more.  Instead Friday night beach parties are being replaced by Friday morning lectures by guest speakers such as David Plouffe.  Still intriguing, but the theme of this year will be less glitz more education. 

The number of attendees is also being slashed, due to agencies deciding to only send senior level creatives, while the middle management stays at home and holds down the fort.

I'm glad money is being saved on Cannes so potentially agencies can put money towards an entry level position!! Hint frickin' Hint Publicis, Omnicom, and Interpublic!!  

Now the following is said because I'm sick and tired of the doom and gloom all day every day that has consumed my life thanks to my lovely economic situation. Also because going to Cannes is a career dream of mine!
While this is completely appropriate and needed for this year's festival lets hope this recession turns around soon so our industry (the rock n' rollers of the business world) can go back to throwing one hell of a party in one of the most beautiful places on earth! 

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