Tuesday, March 10, 2009

With the spring thaw comes fashion disaster

On Friday it was a gorgeous sunny day across the entire country including here in the frozen tundra.  With the spring thaw comes some classic fashion disasters, which were on full display as I walked through Uptown and Downtown.  I'm going to take you through the problem, aka the disaster, and tell you how to fix it.  Read on!  

Classic fashion disaster number 1: The Mom jean jacket!  Its a Midwestern tragedy that all women over 35 seem to be holding onto a jean jacket from 1995.  You know the look: light blue, boxy, and usually has some pin (son's wrestling photo, American flag, cat) pinned on the chest. Why?!  There are so many cuter spring jacket options going on for women of all ages nowadays. 

Answer: A cute structured military jacket in a variety of colors, sleek leather biker inspired jackets (I have one which I live in and love), fitted blazers in a nice wool to keep you warm (this look is so classic and chic, any age group can wear it and look fabulous), or a cute plaid jacket that hits at the hip.  All varieties that have 20th century inspirations but that have been updated for the 21st century!

Fashion disaster number 2: This one is for the younger ladies.  I see this on campus all the time and it just kills me. Don't let your jeans sag three feet behind you!!  Especially in this melt season, because you're jeans will fade, rip, tear and literally fall apart on you because they can't handle the salt, dirt, and snow melt.  

Answer: Either cuff them, I do this sometimes when I'm in a pinch and my shorter jeans are dirty.  You should also have one pair of heel jeans and one pair of flat jeans.  Meaning buy a pair that you're going to wear with ballet flats and sneakers, and buy one pair that you'll wear when you're rockin' you're 4 inch heels.  Get your jeans tailored if you're of shorter stature and have trouble finding jeans that fit in the leg.  A tailor can do wonders on your jeans and make them fit like a glove.

Fashion disaster number 3: Spring shoes can be a troublesome lot.  With all the slush and dirt, yet warm temperatures you just don't know what to do!  Well here's a few no no's.  Stop wearing the Uggs!  Stop wearing the cheap $2 plastic flip flops!  Uggs are not waterproof, and they're too hot once temps are above freezing. I learned this personally in my younger years, aka at 19, when I thought these boots were cool. The flip flops will get you're feet dirty, clap around on the wet street, and drudge up mud behind you as if you were Pig Pen.  Its a cheap, white trash look that no fashionista should be caught dead in.  Havannas are the only acceptable ones and that is for 90 degree days or the beach.  

Answer: Street sneakers, wellies, and fashionable boots on chillier days.  Pumas can go a long way and add a cute casual touch to your look.  Wellies are practical and so many great stores make them in the cutest styles now! I love my J.Crew ones, and I got them at student discount price!  From classic Burberry to Target there are wellies in every style and price range.  Tuck you're skinny jeans into them, wear them with a cute skirt and tights, or just roll up you're jeans until you get inside.  I live in boots! When its chillier out I run for my boots.  Wear them with sweater dresses or tuck them into you're skinny jeans and you'll be set to deal with the sloppy weather outside.

Those are my tips for dealing with this awkward transition month into spring! Good luck! 

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  1. Hey! I found a cool post on how to hem your very own jeans, I might have to dig, but I'll get you the link darling.

    your car is hot!