Monday, March 30, 2009

Minnesota: More than sub zero temps and lefsa


Something I love about Minneapolis is that it is a great arts city. Whether its music, theater, or art exhibits something about this northern city fosters some great artists. One of my local favorites is graphic designer Adam Turman. I've noticed Adam's work around Minneapolis for about a year now and instantly gravitated towards it. Its kitschy, eclectic, culturally right on design work. Adam's work can be found around town at SaraCura (where I also sell my photography) and The Electric Fetus as the featured Minneconomy artist.

Adam does a lot of screen print work for bands, but also does great screen prints of things truly Minnesotan. Highlighting the beautiful, unique and quirky parts of the northern culture. My personal favorite is the Hotdish screen print. Perfectly sums up one of my least favorite dishes ever, yet one of the most unique parts of Minnesotan culture. I'm dying for the apron!

You can admire and purchase Adam's work here

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