Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I refuse to accept that Doc Martens could make a comeback!

In the last month or so I've seen a few kooky celebs wearing Doc Martens around LA.  No! No! No! Growing up in the Midwest during the 3rd resurrection of Doc Martens was painful enough on my developing arches and calves. The things weigh 5 lbs and as a lanky awkward 13 year old you might as well just have attached dumbbells to my feet.

Today Drew Barrymore was off to a business meeting doing her kookiest menswear inspired outfit complete with black doc boots. I was accepting of flannel coming back, but not this. The 90's fashions were cruel enough on women's shapes we don't need a round two in less than a decade.

If we're going to bring back flannel, doc martens, and boyfriend jeans we might as well resurrect Kurt Cobain, wipe out the Internet, and go back to Zac Morris size cell phones.  See my point! Let's move forward fashion world and stick with 5 inch Loubotins instead of 5 lb Docs.

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