Monday, March 16, 2009

Taking D to the country

So now that I finally have a new car after 4 years without a vehicle my parents have started using it as a bribe to have me drive home and see them. This weekend I took a willing hostage, my good friend D.

D is from south Florida and this is her first winter in MN, so its been entertaining to say the very least. When she heard I was heading home to the land of the largest ball of twine, meat raffles, American legion bars, and Wal-Mart she willingly jumped on board. 

It was an entertaining and relaxing 24 hours. My dad had gladly filled the house with a year's worth of girl scout cookies!!! Thank god I was worried I was going to miss out on thin mints this year.  By 5 it was time for the meat raffle. D new to the concept won on the fourth round, which of course hilarity ensued as she asked for my 'country' girl expertise on picking a good cut of meat in front of the local farmers.  D was on a lucky streak as she won the free drink round and was the only one out of the five of us who won on pull tabs.  

Next it was off to Carlito's the authentic Mexican restaurant in town that is amazing! The owner is a trip which D was quick to point out. Which got me to wondering about growing up in a small town versus a suburb or urban area. In a small town you're not exposed to a lot in terms of what the real world is like, but you are exposed to some of the greatest characters ever. Many of my family friends could be the plot line of a successful sitcom.

There are days when I utterly cringe about my small town roots, but D gave me a new perspective. I came from this crazy place with some of the most entertaining, crazy, genuine characters around. And as many of you know its the people in your life that makes life so entertaining and engaging. Mine was more engaging and entertaining than I realized. 

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  1. It sounds like fun, hun. I would love to go there someday- and your boots are really cute. Glad you are enjoying the emma mobile!