Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Southpark how I adore you!

So by now many of you are familiar with Pepsi's new logo designed by the Arnell group, an Omnicom branding group based in New York.  I like the logo and general bubbliness of the campaign, because isnt' that what we all need and want out of a soda brand right now.  Well the logo crossed the line of arrogant when a 27 page document was released on the Ad blogosphere from Arnell talking about the emotions related the degree turn of the logo and how the sun relates to it.  Moving on though, because that's not what this post is about.

Southpark one of my absolutely favorite shows, because it is way more than fart jokes and kids swearing. Its one of the best social commentaries of our time.  Well their new season starts on Wednesday and to promote it they've kept in line with their social commentary by mocking the Pepsi logo.  The Pepsi logo is replaced by the heads of our favorite characters as the O in favorite South Park sayings.  The greatest line is the last frame which ends with "We're SOOOO Positive" directly mocking Pepsi. For video comparing the ads click here 

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