Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Being a Recessionista: Como Conservatory

So I began my recessionista trip this week and its been a fabulous way to spend my afternoons after some brutal mornings of the endless job search.  If you've recently been layed off, graduated and have no job, or have spring break coming up then follow this blog series!

My first outing was to the Como Conservatory on Monday afternoon.  It was a grey, dismal March day and the conservatory was exactly what I needed.  Its connected to the Como Zoo located just off Lexington Ave N in St. Paul. Its free, but they do ask for a suggested donation of $2 for adults, which definitely beats the price of an airline ticket to a tropical getaway.  Kept at a humid 80+ temp, its the perfect getaway during a crappy Minnesota day.  

The place is a photographer's dream and this week I happened to luck out by catching their latest exhibit in full bloom. A fellow photographer told me that on Saturday none of the beautiful pink cyclamens and hydrangeas were in bloom yet.  

I traveled to Australia, South America, Mexico, China and South Korea without ever leaving the city.  The variety of plants and beautiful layout is a great place to wander around in for a few hours or curl up on one of the benches and journal or photograph.  

Head to the Como Conservatory if you're having some serious cabin fever.

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  1. LOVE THAT PLACE. And the flowers are so fragrant!