Monday, March 16, 2009

Twitter: Will it help in my endless job search?

Today I made the decision that has been on my mind for about a month today.  I joined Twitter. Yes the peculiar 140 character social media website that has absolutely exploded over the last year and now has over 6 million users.  

My good friend Maggie convinced me at happy hour last week, and no not bc I'd had a few cocktails, but bc she said she was able to follow all of the ad agencies and figure out when they were looking for a new position or had won new business.  This strongly piqued my interest.

The reason I was so turned off to Twitter was bc several acquaintances, who of course will remain nameless, annoyed the hell out of me when they shared literally everything they did all day long. Statuses like "I took a shower. I walked on a street in Brooklyn or I made a cake today." were shared like a constant barade of unwanted show and tell. 

Twitter became show and tell day with those annoying kids who don't have anything really great to share so they tell you how they ate a worm at recess instead of sharing the delicious recipe to a homemade Orange Julius, which is the purpose of show and tell day (aka Twitter). Hence me not wanting to join show and tell.

Twitter's sole purpose is for sharing valuable links and information.  I intend to keep my profile that way, as well as another tool in my personal brand. A valuable lesson I've learned, and been working hard at the last few months in this never ending job search. I hope by following the right people and sharing valuable view points with those people me as the brand is discovered by someone just dying to give a smart young woman her official break in advertising.

You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the link on the right or by user name: EWiedner.

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