Wednesday, March 18, 2009

While I was having the worst day ever...South Park washed it all away

As I mentioned last week in my adoration for the new South Park promos, SP is back with an all new season. Since Top Chef is no longer on Wednesdays @ 9 I'm back to hangin' with Cartman and the crew. This week's episode was a classic!

Cartman turned into a secret superhero "The Coon" yes only on SP and the half hour quickly turned into a direct satire of The Dark Knight right down to the last frame where Cartman runs off into the night on his coon bike. 

It was exactly what I needed at that exact moment. South Park was exactly what an entertainment show is supposed to be: an escape for a period of time from whatever you're having to deal with in your life at the time.  Thanks SP for the laughs it was much needed.

You can watch the episode here   

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